As independent welding inspector, I am objective in my assessment of welding work. I can act as an objective mediator in case of disputes.

Independent welding inspector

Cornelis Korrel is VTw-2 certified. As independent welding inspector, I am objective in my assessment of welding work. I check whether the welding work has been carried out according to the client’s regulations, standards and specifications. If necessary, I carry out additional tests and assess the quality of the welding and any penetrations using external NDT equipment and endoscopy.

laswerk inspectie
inspectie laswerk
camera inspectie laswerk

Quality assessment and process optimization

The quality of welding work doesn’t just depend on the welder. It’s also influenced by the welding machine or welding installation used, the procedure followed and the way in which the work is carried out. We examine how the welding process can be optimized in order to deliver a higher quality end product. This includes advice on:
• Weld seam preparation
• Cleaning materials
• Compiling welding templates
• How to work while welding
• Assembling the parts to be welded
• The creation of welding jigs, when needed

Mediation in case of disputes

The quality of welding work is influenced by the design, the procedure, the requirements, the (additive) material used, the ambient temperature and lighting for example. If there is a dispute between multiple parties about the end result delivered, Korrellaservice can act as an objective mediator. We investigate the cause of the problem and actively search for a solution. Our aim is to clarify what caused this situation and how it can be prevented in the future.

Pharmacy tubes

These are pharmacy tubes. For high-quality welding, where requirements are set for both the penetration and the outside of the weld, as well as the tubes themselves and appendages, we carry out standard inspections to see whether they meet the requirements set by the customer.