With a down-to-earth and practical approach we find efficient solutions for demanding challenges.

Custom Solutions

If standard products do not meet your needs, a custom solution is what you’re looking for. As experts in innovation, Korrellasservice is often called upon to find solutions for complex problems. With a down-to-earth and practical approach, by thinking outside the box and using different methods, we find efficient solutions for demanding challenges. We think multiple steps ahead to anticipate the effect on the process further on. And if needed, we design and develop custom parts in-house.

engineering laswerk

Project NRG, aluminium 6061T6, 1,5mm thick fully automatic welding in welding incubator. This project was realized in collaboration with Weldlogic Europe, England.

laswerk engineering

Rush orders and ad-hoc situations

When your process is slowed down or even blocked by a broken or missing part, you need a quick solution. Because we have all materials and equipment we need on-site, we can create missing parts or replacement parts to size, on demand. Often, we are able to deliver the needed parts in various material types within 24 hours!

Hydrogen project TNO Automotive

Engineering played an important role in this project, which we carried out entirely in-house. The image shows the control panel for the 400 bar hydrogen and CNG.
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