About us

Korrellasservice was founded in 1989 by Cornelis Korrel in Kockengen. Here, a workshop was set up with advanced welding equipment.

Our company

Korrellasservice was founded in 1989 by Cornelis Korrel. He had worked for different high-quality metal companies for several years and although his passion for welding and metalworking was growing, he didn’t find the challenge he was looking for working for these companies. He was more interested in the projects that were often put on the backburner, such as difficult welding work, precision work and complicated technical engineering and assembly work. In order to focus on that, Cornelis decided to start his own business at the age of twenty-five. Quite an unusual decision at that time!
Part of his farm in Kockengen was converted into a workshop and equipped with advanced welding equipment.

cok en judith korrel
orbital welding

Challenges and solutions

Korrellasservice was in business! Former employers now reached out to Korrel for help with their challenging projects. Since then, Cornelis has specialized in precision welding. He develops solutions for all kinds of challenges and supplies expert advice in the field of welding and material processing. Apart from that, he teaches a technical course. In 2018, Judith Korrel joined Cornelis to support him with increasingly complex requirements, certification, administration, planning, purchasing and sales. They now run the business together.

In-house design and development

The workshop is equipped with all the machinery and materials needed to deliver high-quality custom work. That means Korrellasservice is is regularly called in for unique projects and ad hoc situations. Independent advice and a decisive, clear view on complex challenges in technology is in great demand. Korrellaservice would like to continue to fulfil this need in the future.

System caps for pharma­ceuticals

System caps for pharmaceuticals with different connections: our specialization for more than 35 years.